Episode 30 – Filmation For The Ages


Episode 30 – Filmation For The Ages

The Red Widow and the Desert Curmudgeon have a discussion about the animation company Filmation and how their cartoons have had an effect on them.

One Year Anniversary!!!

It is the first anniversary of our podcast and the twentieth anniversary of The Red Widow and myself being best friends. Who better to have fun and do a podcast with than your best friend!

We are still on hiatus at the moment but things are starting to clear up and we will begin recording episodes once again once things clear up, the sun shines, and we have things to bullshit about. Haha! Once everything is ready and in place we’ll comeback for another announcement to let everyone know when the new episodes will begin posting.

Here’s a happy New Years to you all out there and may the new year be FAR better for you all!!

Stay well!!!

The Desert Curmudgeon

Episode 01 – Road Rage (Anniversary Remix)

Episode 01 – Road Rage (Anniversary Remix)

To celebrate the one year anniversary of our podcast we decided to re-release our first episode of the Red Widow displaying a bit of her road rage. Enjoy!

A big shout out to a friend of our podcast Gemma over at An Accident In Space And Time! Here’s a speedy recovery to you and may yours and everyone’s year be far better than last year.

Announcing Announcements

Announcing Announcements

The Red Widow And Desert Curmudgeon Podcast is going on hiatus. No anger issues or anything of that nature just personal and professional things going on in our respective lives. Until things clear up WE WILL BE BACK!

As mentioned in the above audio if you would like to check out the literature that The Red Widow writes head on over to her Amazon author page and check out her books! Display them on your shelves! Impress your friends! Even…read them!


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