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Welcome to the blog site for our show “The Red Widow And The Desert Curmudgeon Podcast” podcast series where we (the Red Widow and the Desert Curmudgeon) discuss various random topics that we feel like talking about. We have a rather odd kind of humor to our show, but we do have a lot of fun while recording episodes.

The topics we will end up discussing will be all over the place just minus a few things. We really don’t discuss politics or religion just for the fact that both of us are pretty opinionated in our own right and there are already a million outlets that discuss those topics. We have more fun just being random.

The blog site will be for posting episodes along with other errata like maybe show notes as well as updates and other errata. Maybe put in some extra things.

Our brand of show may not be for everyone nor do we expect to be. If you feel that what we do is not to your liking that is OK, but keep in mind that if you leave a negative comment we will just delete it and then dedicate an episode to making fun of everyone (along with you) that leaves any negative comments. Critiquing comments are nice but we are not really going to take notice and like the negative comments will probably get deleted. We don’t want blog guidance and would appreciate it if you kept that to yourself.

Or to put it another way; “We won’t shit on your blog, don’t decide you are going to shit on ours.”

We also curse…A LOT! So if profanity is not your thing you might want to move on.

If you end up digging us cool, if not then thank you for checking us out.

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