Episode 12 – Abortions, Flat Tires, And Stupidity


Episode 12 – Abortions, Flat Tires, And Stupidity

The Red Widow and The Desert Curmudgeon decide to dig up an old topic about a stupid comment made by a clueless politician.

Let Us Introduce Ourselves!

The blog that you are currently staring at is for our podcast show “The Red Widow And The Desert Curmudgeon Podcast”. We will be posting various updates from when new episodes are released to various thing going on that relate to the podcast. Currently we are working on making our podcast available across a few platforms for anyone who wants to listen to or check out our show. I do realize this being our first post on this blog that the purpose of this is for everyone to check it out.

Our show runs the gamut on various topics. We tend to talk about whatever we feel like. Whatever things that make us happy, sad, angry, laugh, etc. The only thing we aren’t too interested in talking about is religion and politics, and probably other boring topics that every other outlets discusses a million times.

The Red Widow and I (Desert Curmudgeon, although I go by the name Desert Punk on here. It’s confusing, but what can you do?) have a lot of fun recording our show and I enjoy editing it all. We think our show is awesome, you might or might not think so. It will depend on your taste as we might not be for everyone.

If you end up following and subscribing to our show that’s cool. Hopefully you can subscribe to it on whatever platform you prefer to listen to it through when or if they approve our submission for a given platform. You can subscribe to our show on iTunes through our Podomatic page if you do not feel like waiting: https://redwidowanddesertcurmudgeon.podomatic.com/

If you dig our podcast don’t be shy and leave a comment below. If you didn’t…well thank you for checking us out. All negative comments will be deleted.

End of line!

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