The Resume Of Captain Pretentious

Here is the resume of The Red Widow’s late husband that we have been wanting to share but took a while to find something suitable to edit out the personal details (I.E. I needed to download an image editor.). Yes! I did make sure to get her permission before posting.

Here it is! In all of its glory!





Episodes And Project Idea

Hey all!

Just a quick update.

We are excited to announce that we have more episodes on the way and that episodes will be released every Monday. As for time we are still working on that because like a lot of people we have hectic schedules in our personal lives.

Production-wise we hope we are improving on the audio each time. We have been trying our hardest to make sure that each episode has a clear, concise production. No overproducing or brick walling with the over use of compression.  Just clarity.

We are also discussing the possibility of starting another podcast along with this one but there is nothing solid right now. Just an idea we are mulling over and seeing if it is possible to do alongside this podcast. If all systems do get the go everything relating to it will be announced here.

Keep on rocking!

Your Friendly Neighborhood The Red Widow And The Desert Curmudgeon Production Team

Production And Upcoming Episodes

Greetings everyone!

Today we uploaded a new episode which will be a two part episode and the second half will be released next week. The reason for this is with long discussion episodes that run over about an hour the files take up a lot of digital space even if we didn’t edit and mix them. To keep storage space and bandwith at a minimum we decided it would be better for episodes that have a longer running time to be split into two or more episodes on a given topic.

We are excited to announce that the podcast has also been released on Apple’s iTunes/Music, Google Play, Spotify, and Deezer. Now you can grab upcoming episodes when they are released on whichever service you would like to listen to them on. Hopefully we can set up some button links on a sidebar so you can click them to take you to whichever service to subscribe to the show and grab old and new episodes.

There are things we are contemplating and working on.

We are also working on trying to improve the podcast’s audio. It won’t be instantaneous but hopefully we can get everything ironed out as much as possible.

Thank you for your time and listening to our show….whoever you are!

The Red Widow And The Desert Curmudgeon Podcast Production Team

Podcast Update

We are gearing up to record a new episode this weekend!

The Red Widow has a subject she wants to talk about, which I cannot wait to see what unfolds while we are in production. The final product of our chat session will be released during the week after mixing and post production.

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